Whats the difference in a Termite vs Ant?

What do Termites look like? What do Ants look like?

Are stress levels high because your unsure of what kind of bugs are flying around you house? Identification is Key in succesful eradication of these insects, and hiring a Pest Management Professional is just as important. For a Free Inspection give us a Call at 713-331-5530 .

How to Identify a Termite Swarmer?

Termite Swarmers are vital source in a termite colony . In addition these termites are responsible for the relocation of a new colony. Identifying a termite swarmer is as easy as looking for 4 equal length wings, a non segmented body, and non elbowed antennae. Termite Swarmers aren’t the greatest flyers and typically fly towards light . Sometimes you’ll find wings from these insects around windowsills and doorways where they have dropped the wings in hopes to start a new colony. Depending on the different species of termite the color can very from black to a reddish orange color. If you have these bugs seen around your home please contact us for a Free Estimate.

How to Identify a Ant Swarmer

Similar characteristics often confuse people when identifying Ant Swarmers and termite Swarmers. Unlike termites ants have a segmented body, elbowed antennae, and non equal length wings. Ant swarmers are a mature adult ant that is winged and ready to leave the colony to start there own elsewhere. Control of is a serious issue especially in instances around people who may be allergic .

How to Kill Termites? 

Different species of termites require require different treatment methods , but the most common termite found in Texas is the eastern Subterranean Termite. Ground Moisture is what termites use to survive. These termites originate from the ground and commonly build a mud tube up the structure they plan to eat.

Its often mistaken that they eat wood but that is not exactly true. Termites eat cellulose which is found in several materials including wood, drywall, and many other materials.  Treatment for termites can be extremely extensive and require specialty tools. In addition should only be done by a licensed professional that is a subject matter expert.

Whats The Treatment Process for Termites?

Around the structure technicians will dig a small trench to channel treatment towards the slab of the structure. In places where there is concrete adjacent to the slab the technician will use a specialty drill bit ever 12-18″ to reach the soil underneath. After all Drilling and trenching is down ,we use the highest quality product made and high pressure termiticide rods to treat around the entire structure. By treating the ground around the structure we can provide a termite barrier around the structure that can be warrantied yearly for up to 8 years.

Termite Inspection for Home loan

Termite treatment requires a licensed termite technician approved by the Texas Department of Agriculture.  Also if there’s visible proof of termite damage or active termites on a structure, and the structure doesn’t have an licensed company’s termite sticker located in an applicable area. The owner of the structure may not be able to pass a home inspection and the buyers of the structure may not receive there loan because lack of proof of treatment. To receive a free estimate for Termite Control or a Termite Inspection please call us at 713-331-5530.

How To Kill Ants?

With our re-occurring Pest Control treatments we cover several species of insects from roaches to spiders as well as ants. Unlike other pest control company’s we warranty for ants inside and outside your home. We feel the importance of ant treatment can be crucial around your home not only because they can bite you. They also can cause damage to electrical components causing fires and other bad situations. With the 12,000 species of ants around its almost a no brainer to have pest professional help you with your issue. To receive a Free estimate for Ant Control give us a call at 713-331-5530.

For a Free Estimate Give us a call at 713-331-5530.


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