Rodent Control

Having a Rodent Issue?

Sunbelts, Pest Management Professionals have been tested and certified to ensure we can successfully resolve any rodent issue from small to big you may have. Not every home is the same and we believe in addressing every home in a different manner with a custom tailored removal plan all while giving you the same great customer service you deserve to have.



Simply throwing some bait around the structure is never successful and almost leads to animals dying in the interior leaving a dead smell that is not pleasant. It is Highly recommended to contact us for free assessment of your issue to help you protect you.

How Do I Get Rodents Out Of My Attic ?

Without contacting a Pest Management Professional rodent eradication can be nearly impossible . With these annoying guys keeping you at night , Carrying diseases, Causing extreme damage in your attic and being one of leading causes in house fires its a no brainer to seek professional help. The technicians here at Sunbelt Pest Control undergo rigorous training weekly to fine tune there skill set in sealing up houses and trapping these rodents. With the knowledge our technicians are equipped with we can take care of any issue big or small , please give us a call for free estimate at 713-331-5530.

What is a Rodent Exclusion?

Rodent Exclusions is a process of “excluding” rodents from your structure by sealing up entry points making the home inaccessible¬† to rodents. Our Technicians will use rodent proof materials around the home in areas such as :

  • Roof Pitches¬†
  • Gable Vents
  • Soffit Vents
  • Weep holes
  • Mushroom Vents
  • Ac VENt holes
  • A/C line openings

Many other openings around the home due to the fact that if a entry point is big enough for your thumb to fit in it a mouse can fit through it as well. Rodent Exclusions come with a yearly renewable warranty that includes any rodent you can think of Raccoons, Opossums, Squirrels, Mice , Rats , Bats , Birds or anything else you can think of. Once our initial service is complete and we are certain the house is rodent free Sunbelt Pest Control Will come back at any time you may have encountered a new rodent issue free of charge as long as your yearly warranty gets renewed.


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