Pest Control

Sunbelt Pest Control offers THE MOST THOROUGH PEST CONTROL SERVICE in Harris County and surrounding areas. All customers can receive are free 58 point pest analysis with a detailed report of what we find. With Over 20 years experience , homeowners and businesses in Houston, Tx have counted on the team at Sunbelt Pest Control for their Pest Control solutions.

How Much Is a Pest Control Service?

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    What Does a Pest Control Service Include?

    Using the 58 point pest analysis we can Provide a custom tailored pest control plan so are customers can fully benefit from all angles of our service. We include a wide array of different features in our Re-Occurring pest control service that we have a warranty for such as:

    -All spider webs and wasps nests knocked down around home

    -Weep holes around home will have a pesticide barrier placed in them

    -Front yard and backyard will receive a granule that keeps fire ants away

    -Front yard and backyard will receive a granule that provides a barrier against large roaches and all crawling insects

    -Perimeter of structure will be treated 4 feet up and 4 feet up

    -Interior of the home is treated with nothing that you can see touch or smell. All interior pest treatments are safe for kids , dogs or anything else you may have running around. Our technicians have been trained to focus on key points of the interior of your home such as plumbing voids , behind sinks and toilets, as well as the attic. This is effective because by focusing on key harborage areas we can resolve pest issues at a much faster pace .


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