Termites are often known as “silent destroyers” because of the damage they can cause all while going completely undetected . Every year termites are known to cause over $6 billion dollars in damage to homes business’s and other structures.Did you know Eastern Subterranean Termite colony’s size typically ranges from 55,000 to 5 million Termites with an average size of around 350,000

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How to Kill Termites? 

Different species of termites require require different treatment methods , but the most common termite found in Texas is the eastern Subterranean Termite. Ground Moisture is what termites use to survive. These termites originate from the ground and commonly build a mud tube up the structure they plan to eat.

Its often mistaken that they eat wood but that is not exactly true. Termites eat cellulose which is found in several materials including wood, drywall, and many other materials.  Treatment for termites can be extremely extensive and require specialty tools. In addition should only be done by a licensed professional that is a subject matter expert.

Whats The Treatment Process for Termites?

Around the structure technicians will dig a small trench to channel treatment towards the slab of the structure. In places where there is concrete adjacent to the slab the technician will use a specialty drill bit ever 12-18″ to reach the soil underneath. After all Drilling and trenching is down ,we use the highest quality product made and high pressure termiticide rods to treat around the entire structure. By treating the ground around the structure we can provide a termite barrier around the structure that can be warrantied yearly for up to 8 years.


Termites are often thought of as little bugs that eat wood but that is not exactly true and there actually much more complex. Termites don’t actually eat wood they eat cellulose which is found in wood it’s also found in materials like drywall, insulation, and many more materials.



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