wood eating bugs

What Are These Big Black Ants In my Home?

Carpenter Ants What are Carpenter ants? Ever seen wood shavings on the floor ? Maybe some small tunnels in the wood around your home? Carpenter Ants are known to remove and tunnel their way through wood to create nests. These ants use there mouthparts to create smooth tunnels through wood resulting in small fine wood […]

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Whats the difference in a Termite vs Ant?

What do Termites look like? What do Ants look like? Are stress levels high because your unsure of what kind of bugs are flying around you house? Identification is Key in succesful eradication of these insects, and hiring a Pest Management Professional is just as important. For a Free Inspection give us a Call at […]

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What Are These Black Ants With Wings?

Wondering what these bugs are in your house? Are you worried they’re causing damage?  Most likely what your seeing is a Winged Ant or Ant Swarmer but sometimes without careful identification could actually be Termite Swarmers. Winged ants can be harmful to not only you, but your home as well. Ants as well as all […]

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