What Are These Black Ants With Wings?

Wondering what these bugs are in your house? Are you worried they’re causing damage?  Most likely what your seeing is a Winged Ant or Ant Swarmer but sometimes without careful identification could actually be Termite Swarmers.

Winged ants can be harmful to not only you, but your home as well. Ants as well as all other creatures need the ability to start life elsewhere and thats just what they do. Ant swarmers leave the colony in hopes to start there colony in a new area and are a vital vital source in our ecosystem. With the stakes high and your families health and safety on the line please give us a call for a Free Estimate at 713-331-5530.

Why Are Ants Inside the House?

Having ants flying around your house like pay rent and utilities can not only be stressful but nerve racking. Certain species of ants have different common tendencies and lots of different habits. Some ants such as crazy ants will make there way inside your home to find food.

Texas Crazy Ants can eat either dead and living bugs making them omnivorous. These ants chase honeydew found in almost anything in your pantry or left out on your counter. They also tend to harborage around electrical components like wall sockets or breaker boxes. These areas can create heat as well as a magnetic field. With the electrical components electrocuting the ants , it sends of a signal pheromone causing other ants to come help. This can cause a “crazy” reaction of ants to invade your home , in which ants can be come by the thousands.

Is There Termites In My House?

With termites causing over $6 billion annual to homes and structures across the United States you should definitely be concerned. Termites in your house take an average of 3-5 years to swarm . Yes that means if termites are swarming your house they’ve been there for a very long time. There’s 3 types of termites within a species and not all are the same color or have the same body parts making identification extremely difficult.

Termites use the enzymes in there gut to break down cellulose found in several materials. These matierals can be found in your house such as wood , drywall and insulation. Termite Activity is often noticed once a year in the spring when temperatures reach a certain number. Termite swarmers depending on the species can swarm and last anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple hours. With only seeing the swarmers for a short period of time this does not mean all activity is over. If swarms of termites have flown through your home don’t procrastinate give us a call for a Free Estimate at 713-331-5530.

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